Our Process

We adopt a Decision Theory approach to your problem.

Below you will find the process we follow when you engage us to solve the business decision problem you have.


  • Listen

    You know your business and your goals better than anyone. We establish the initial contact and we listen to you narrate the context of your decision making problem.

  • Plan

    We take on board what we have learned from your problem and we develop a sequence of actions on how your problem might be solve through the use of data

  • Propose

    We document our strategy to arrive at a solution to your decision problem and we propose an action plan of services we will offer to reach your goals.

  • Refine

    There might be some items we need to adjust in our proposal which will be more effective in giving you the highest customer satisfaction with our action plan, thus we incorporate them in the proposal. You sign off and we initiate the project.

  • Execute

    We implement our agreed plan, reporting and presenting back to you the information we have been uncovering along the way, keeping you posted and keeping us accountable for progress

  • Report

    The end of our work will be a combination of report and software products that address your decision problem. It includes a report so you know the options and issues found in the solution. It may include a software system as a product which you can rely on to address your decision needs for which you have commissioned us to solve.