Executive Training

If you are an executive and you are not using Analytics to guide your strategy and decisions, then your organization is going to be left behind. Sleekersoft provides C-level executives and senior managers training on the use of Data Science and Analytics to solve their business problems. We specialize in managerial analytics and we can train or coach you on taking advantage of your data to solve your decision requirements.

Course Title: Introduction to Managerial Data Science and Analytics

What you'll learn:

  • What is data science and analytics, their history and where they have been used for decision making in the industries?
  • The life cycle of a data science/analytics research project and how to profit from its results.
  • The methods used in data science/analytics to address forecasting, prediction and optimization issues to promote intelligent decision and policy making.
  • How to start up and run data science and analytics projects, how to handle data science professionals and relate to them.
  • How data science/ analytics techniques and Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged to progress your business.

Note: At the last phase of the course, we will turn your business problem into tailor case study and offer tips on how data science techniques can address your needs.


Mode of Training: Face-to-face group workshop class or one-to-one coaching.


Course Length: 2.5 days of 20 hrs equivalent.

Go beyond management reporting into business analytics, we will show you how.