Business Analytics Clients

Below is a partial list of industries we have worked with

Business analytics for telecommunication company


In this industry we have worked with a telecommunication company to cut down their cost of support delivery.


Business analytics for bus company

Land Transportation

In this industry we are currently working with a bus company to cut down their cost of vehicle maintenance.


Business analytics for educational institutions

Educational Institution

In this industry we have worked with a university's school of psychology research group in extracting, transforming and loading their data into a form they can use so they can study the relationship of depression and a person's mood.


Business analytics for financial services

Financial Services

Superannuation Company - currently we are doing research and development for them in the field of computer aided financial advice, also known as robo-advice.


Remittance Company - we introduced this company to E-commerce and we provided them with an additional income stream. We also increased their customer activity by analysing their data to provide a loyalty scheme.



Marketing Projects

You can engage us to increase the effectivity of your marketing campaigns. eg., profiling customers, increase buying consumption etc.

Go beyond management reporting into business analytics, we will show you how.